Smart Agri

  • Fully Automated
  • Online with Mobile app /cloud
  • Offline Mode with Remote control
  • Real time Humidity & Temperature smart sensors
  • IOT Technology
  • 100% No Human Dependency
  • View & control remote with mobile anywhere from the world
  • Scalable
  • Configurable for different Hum & Temp range

Agro Needs - iFarm is a Smart Farm solution that offers comprehensive farm management The platform uses farmOS for web-based application and record-keeping. Users can plan and manage their farm operations and records. It supports boundary geo-mapping and natural resource management. In-house and third-party sensors, valve control devices, and data-driven machinery are supported. The solution is suitable for various farm-based units, such as agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, and more. Users can manage animal and plant nutrient feeding. People's time, cost and effort on each field can be tracked. Environmental care and sustainability are prioritized. AgroNeeds - iFarm is a complete farm management tool for Smart Farming.


CRM software is a tool that helps businesses automate their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. It streamlines workflows, provides customer insights, and integrates with other software. It tracks leads, manages customer accounts, automates sales processes, and generates reports. A CRM software is essential for businesses that want to improve their customer relationship management and create a competitive edge. It saves valuable time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on critical tasks. By leveraging the power of automation and data insights, businesses can build lasting relationships with their customers.

Smart E- Commerce- MOS is an innovative web and mobile app platform that connects farmers and producers directly to customers, enabling them to sell and distribute any nature or organic food and lifestyle products. The platform provides a convenient and reliable aggregation service, allowing farmers and producers to showcase their products to a larger audience. Customers can explore a wide variety of natural and organic food products, including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat and choose from a range of lifestyle products, such as clothing, personal care, and household items. The platform supports easy and secure transactions, allowing customers to buy products directly from farmers and producers. By facilitating direct communication and trade between farmers and consumers, promotes sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption, while providing customers with fresh, high-quality and authentic products. If you are interested in starting an organic shop in your area, we would be happy to help you get started. Please contact us for more information.

MRS- offers a comprehensive solution for those interested in oyster and milky mushroom cultivation. From awareness and training to setup and smart IOT-based cultivation technology, we provide end-to-end services to help you succeed in the mushroom industry. Our value addition products making, marketing, and export consultancy services enable you to maximize your profits and grow your business. Whether you are a farmer, entrepreneur, or a corporate entity, we have customized solutions to meet your specific needs. At, we are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices and helping you produce high-quality, organic mushrooms. Our team of experts provides guidance on how to grow mushrooms using environmentally friendly methods and minimal If you have any queries regarding production or want to book your seat for the next training session, feel free to reach out to us. Simply fill up the form below and our team will get in touch with you."

CS- Chennai Sandhai offers a great business opportunity for home chefs, housewives, and local producers who are passionate about cooking and want to share their culinary skills with others. By partnering with, home chefs can showcase their cooking talents and sell their ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food items to a wider audience. In addition, the platform also offers opportunities for local delivery and local stock franchisee. By becoming a local delivery partner, individuals can help deliver food items to customers in their local area. This not only provides a flexible and rewarding work opportunity but also helps to support the local economy. Those interested in starting their own business can also consider becoming a local stock franchisee of This involves setting up a franchisee in your local area and selling the platform's ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food items to customers. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in starting a food business but may not have the resources to do so on their own. Overall, provides a variety of business opportunities for individuals who are passionate about cooking, delivering food, or starting their own food business.

Smart Learning- is a Smart Learning Management System that offers digital management solutions for both online and classroom learning. The platform is available on web and mobile platforms, making it accessible to students and educators from anywhere. It provides a centralized location for educators to manage all aspects of the learning process, including course creation and student evaluation. eBothi handles all types of tests, content, and media, including courseware, exams, and certifications. The platform is customizable, allowing institutions to tailor it to their unique needs. eBothi streamlines the learning management process, saving valuable time and resources for educators and institutions. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, ebothi allows educators to focus on delivering high-quality education, rather than administrative tasks. eBothi is a powerful tool for educators and institutions that want to improve their learning management processes and deliver high-quality education.

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Agro Tourism- Farm Stay

Farm Staying is an innovative AgroTourism platform available in web and mobile app that allows families to experience the beauty of nature up close and personal. The platform provides a unique opportunity for agri, bio, naturopathy, siddha, and ayurveda students and enthusiasts to visit farms and learn about plants and their benefits directly from the farm experts in agriculture, horticulture, dairy, goat farm, poultry, and other farm ecosystems. With Farm Staying, you can also experience the joys of farm life with your family and give your kids an opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices. Additionally, agripreneurs can visit farms and learn about farm production, value addition, and food-based business expertise from the first-hand experts. For farmers, Farm Staying offers an opportunity to earn additional income while promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving heritage practices. The platform provides a direct link between farmers and visitors, allowing them to learn from each other and build strong connections that benefit both parties. Overall, Farm Staying is a great platform for those who want to experience the joys of farm life, learn about sustainable farming practices, and promote the preservation of heritage practices. It is a wonderful way to get closer to nature and create lasting memories with your loved ones.